Server of the Republic of Aswington on Discord was raided

On Monday, in the early hours of morning, a Discord user spammed the Republic of Aswington server, publishing numerous pro-Nazi messages in all channels of the server, an extreme right-wing ideology. Subsequently, a user entered to the server, posting a highly sensitive image on one of the channels, subsequently, that user left the server.

Fortunately, the spam messages were deleted from all server channels, as well as that image of strong sensitivity. Subsequently, the user who posted such pro-Nazi messages was banned and expelled from the server.

Updated security controls on the server

In order to avoid repeating the same situation again, security was increased on the server. New users will now go through a verification process and thereby, the administration will monitor that users comply with the server rules. At the same time, a new rule was added in the server to prohibit the publication of any content that is in favor of Nazism, facism or any extreme right-wing ideology.

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